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Las Vegas exhibition news[ 02/08/2016 ]
Welcome to visit our factory with LAS VEGAS exhibtion show
Hight quality green plush toys has increased makert sharing[ 01/06/2015 ]
The development of plush toys is becoming more and more diversification. As long as strengthening brand awareness, it affects the necessarily improve the overall level of the domestic toy industry. In this way, it not only can create economic benefits, but also can create social benefits, so as to improve the social status of the toy industry. Our company, David’s Goods Company, is a professional producer of plush toys in China
How to clean the plush toys?[ 01/06/2015 ]
Plush toys, not only the appearance is lovely, but also the touch feeling is soft and very comfortable.
The Relevant Problem of Toy Industry[ 01/06/2015 ]
Our company, David’s Good Company is one of the best toy maker in China. Both of our product have a great quality and guarantee that our goods is better than the international standards. Now our company try to have a change about the future development. We will take lots of measures to improve our company’s goods and try to create a powerful brand in China.
The Shopping Guidance of Toys[ 01/06/2015 ]
Do you want to get the high quality and safety toys for your babies? Do you know our company, David’s Goods Company is one of the best toys manufactories in China? Now, we will give some advice for you the select the best toys.
The Details of Buying Toys[ 01/06/2015 ]
Baby toys in addition to the educational function, more important is security. The safety of children's toys can ensure a healthy baby. Now our company, David’s Goods Company will provide two suggestions for you.
The Growth Function for Baby about Toys[ 01/06/2015 ]
1.Baby toys can arouse the enthusiasm of children activities. The children are implemented in the event of physical and mental development. Toys for children's can move, manipulate, and use freely, which conforms to the children's mental interests and ability levels. Also, they can meet the needs of their activities, boost the enthusiasm of the activity. Baby toys not only satisfy the requirement of their activities, and cause them to produce a positive happy mood.
How to choose safe baby toys?[ 20/05/2015 ]
The safety children's toys can ensure your baby's safety. But, most of parents don't know how to choose the safety of children's toys. Our company, David’s Goods Company suggests that parents choose safe toys for your baby should pay attention to the following four aspects, such as the knowledge of the identity of the children's toys, metal content and implied by the toy safety standard symbol information, according to the baby's age again to choose safe toys for children. I
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