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Vinyl toys inspection and identification

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1. Vinyl toys raw doneness identification: raw doneness of PVC are sulphide indicators, also can check whether evade glue pieces of internal completely cured. The commonly used methods and the department of chemical testing method. Took a piece of established evade glue, folding outward inner surface, and the department of general solvent on folding QuChu drops, if evade glue pieces of unripe due to insufficient time for heating the inside surface will burst, can confirm the vinyl parts unqualified; On the other hand, for the product. 
2. The weight of vinyl toys: vinyl pieces, the size of the uniform requirements to vinyl pieces of material thickness, thickness of 2 ~ 5 ㎜, if heavy plastic toy doll head will be thick, hair will be hard; Low birth weight, doll head hair implants will damage the rubber parts, rubber parts tension is not enough, especially in the head, hands, feet, and neck material thickness is too thin). Usually use electronic scale to measure and record weight of vinyl, to ensure that meet the specified requirements, but the weight often allow a plus or minus 1 ~ 5 g () for product size tolerance. 
3. The determination of the hardness of vinyl toys: select a flat Vinyl parts, remove the area of about 12 ㎜ x 12 ㎜ square and fold into the thickness of more than 5 ㎜, reoccupy measure hardness tester, to ensure that meet the specification requirements.