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The cleaning and maintenance of plush toys

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Plush toys texture will have different methods of cleaning and maintenance. Most is to use synthetic fibers of wool cloth with soft nap, so texture of toy basic can adopt the method of washing. Specific according to the sort of wool cloth with soft texture can be divided into the following several clean way. 
Hand washing method: combine in a clean basin of water, then add the right amount of detergent or laundry detergent (excluding phosphorus) dilution, dissolved, will your plush toys into the water, and then gently with the hand pressure, make the cleaner can quickly immersed. After pour out the dirty water change water to rinse the toys, then cover the toys with dry towel blot moisture, dry it in the end. 
Dry cleaning method: this method is mainly for those precious senior plush toys. Before sent to the dry cleaner must remember to get off toys and clothing accessories, it is easy to clean. 
Household dry cleaning method: can buy at the pharmacy or chemical store food baking soda, and in the depth of rub it on the plush toys, until the baking soda is no longer black. Plush toys will become clean and even young children don't have to worry about with his tongue, for baking soda is food grade "laundry detergent". 
Wipe method: use the soft sponge or clean dry cloth, pick up has been diluted with neutral detergent wipe the surface of the toy, then with water to wipe it again. 
Salt washing method: first, put the toy into plastic bag, then sprinkle with salt. After the toy move around 30 or so, out and play to the salt, will do. 
Helpful hints: plush toys is the best in the summer, because here is the north, and plush toys is very not easy to dry, typically qualities a one or two days in the wind blow dry the inside of the filler, and if the drying time is too long, toys will some wet musty taste.  
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