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The Relevant Problem of Toy Industry

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   The Relevant Problem of Toy Industry

China is a toy production country, but it is not a powerful toy production country. One of the biggest problems is lacking of big toy manufacturers, toys to develop talents and brand effect. Despite the great Chinese exports of toys, 75% of the world's toys made in China, but these toys is basically to enter the international market in the form of OEM. In 8000 toy production enterprises in the country, 3000 to obtain export licenses, but its exports more than seventy percent of the toys belong to do processing or processing, or working for foreign brands. Therefore, we should improve the production technology of China's toy industry, occupied the commanding heights of the world toy industry actively, enhance the core competitiveness of China toy industry, to build China's toy brands is the priority of China's toy industry.

Our company, David’s Good Company is one of the best toy maker in China. Both of our product have a great quality and guarantee that our goods is better than the international standards. Now our company try to have a change about the future development. We will take lots of measures to improve our company’s goods and try to create a powerful brand in China

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