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plastic toys
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Plastic toys to choose techniques

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first look at 
First to see the toy box (or bag) on the age range, according to the age of the child choose toys for ages, such as suitable for more than six months, suitable for 3 years of age or older, suitable for 5 to 9 years old, is not suitable for under 3 years. Different age paragraph the toy is a complex, suitable for the need of different stages of intellectual development of children, the second is different requirements on the safety of toys, such as infants and young children will often toys in his mouth, so the child of this phase should not have small pieces of toys. 
Pay attention to the warning signs on the packaging or the warning message. Such as kite flying toy to have "cannot be used with overhead wires near the area of", bound with wire, tape, etc in the cradle, stroller, children's toys on the bed, should prompt "when the baby can be caught with the hand, to remove the toys" warnings and the like. 
Carefully read the product instruction manual. 
Pay attention to the tropical toy whether playing small holes on plastic bags. 
Selection is made of thick plastic toys. 
second  touch 
Hand touch it again in the surface of the toy, find out whether there is a burr and cutting-edge, whether to have sharp edges, so they don't cut the skin when the children play. 
Countersunk head screw fasteners, such as the head can not highlight on the outer surface of the toy, flat, round head wood screw due and sink hole, plastic toy assembly should be nicely, there should be no gap. 
Have drive gear (gear transmission, chain transmission) of toys, such as all kinds of toy cars, its transmission mechanism should cover that the hand of the children cannot into closed, so as to avoid the rotation clamp fingers. 
Plastic toys on some small parts can be removed, such as the doll in his hand or body wear small parts. Toys for children under 3 years old, these small parts should be greater than 31.75 mm in diameter, this child is not easy to swallow and cause unnecessary damage. 
Toy sealed, small parts, such as buttons on the dolls, the animal's eyes, toy car fixed accessories, buy toys to children under the age of 3 to try to use hand a few times, see whether there is loose. 
third test 
The last check the various functions of toys, electric toys can be equipped with batteries, listening to the sound, watching the lights and other actions. 
Toys can not only brings a lot of fun to children, but also can enhance the mental development of children, parents first consider to buy toys for your child is safe, there was an accident can't let children at play. Now in the market there are a lot of plastic toys, divided into two kinds of dynamic and static. Dynamic toys are mainly made of plastic inertial cars, electric cars, electric doll, clockwork toys, toys, such as static blocks, amount, animals, characters, or cartoon characters of baby, children, family, kitchen utensils, etc. These toys weight light, colour is gorgeous, very attractive to the child. So how to choose and buy plastic toys? Parents can according to "a see, two touch, three test" three steps to choose from.