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Plastic toy doll classification safety index

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Plastic toy doll for infant and young child (children) have quite a profound impact on the development of each stage, so parents should according to each stage of development, the baby to choose suitable toys, also should know what kind of plastic toy doll is the so-called good toys? 
Blocks construction is a kind of sex toys, he can let the children through the observation and operation, from the repeated stack, the process of permutation and combination, the integration of the scattered unit combined into a thing, and observe to the space position and part and all the relations, but also establish a psychological order step by step. 
Applicable age: depending on the different material and design 
Function: training construction ability, creative thinking, good intelligence 
Toy categories: the intelligent slice, stack building blocks, all kinds of shapes with combination hallow building blocks. 
50% movement pointer 
Emotional pointer is 30% 
Educational pointer to 100% 
Entertainment pointer to 60%