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How to select the plush toys?

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How to select the plush toys?  (Part one)

Plush toys is deeply loved by girls. Lovely shape, soft feeling can give those girls lots of sense of security. However, if you choose them in a wrong way, it may be a female chronic health killer. Now, let David’s Good Company to tell you how to select the best of plush toys and what details we should pay attention when you choose a good quality plush toys.

The first one is fabric.

Fabric which is a major decision of toys’ price. Some sellers will sell seconds at the best quality price to fraud consumer.  Good fabric feels soft when you touch them while the poor fabric is stiff. 

The second one is the wadding.

It is another major factor of the price. The good wadding is PP cotton which feels very good and soft just like the nine holes pillow core in the supermarket. The worse one is called shoddy cotton or black center cotton. It feels bad and very dirty. 

The third one is the size.

The size of some plush toys is long or tall so that they can use less cotton to save their capital. If the cotton is not enough, it easily make toys distortion. But in our David’s Good Company, both of products have good plump average and the posture is really big. 

The last one is material.

The short velveteen fabric, is the finest material of doing toys and the most fashionable fabrics in the world now. Our David’s Good Company also use this kind of material to make toys. This kind of fabric appearance is concealed by standing of villi. Villus height is about 1.2 mm which is the ordinary form of smooth suede, so we called it as the velveteen.