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How to select plush toys?

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Identification: look at the toy if there were any trademark, brand, safety sign, factory address. 
Outside appearance cloth material is fastidious: generally is by the geographic woven fabrics, and then attached to the short plush or other plush made, can use finger to drag surface plush toy. Work good fabrics with finger drag shed hair not easily, and imitation or fake product very easy to shed. 
Look at the plush toys padding: general market mainly use padding at cost from low to high with foam, sponge, peng collodion cotton, PP cotton, PP vacuum, also have a some combination of both. Which the higher quality for PP cotton, PP vacuum cotton, and the best for PP vacuum cotton, memory pillow core is the material used, its every fiber are all hollow. Therefore, no matter how to reverse pressure, PP vacuum cotton will quickly rebound to their original state. 
See small parts: fixed parts whether firm, under 3 years old baby to play with toys, toy eyes, nose and bumps can bear the pull of 90 n, otherwise easy to cause the baby into the suffocation. If there is a sting; Moving parts will in baby playing go, danger; If there is a baby will pull on the rope around the neck, all need to clear up. 
Observe whether appearance is beautiful: about whether the position is symmetrical, squash with the hand is soft and fluffy, each part whether suture and firm, toy parts have scratches, the imperfect. Whether the same color or to enable a raw wool to consistent, otherwise there will be a sunshine have different color, to the contrary, MAO affect beautiful.