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How to identify toy safety?

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1 toys, small parts, must be greater than 5 batteries 
Many children like the dot, mouth toy parts is too small, may be swallowed by children, cause suffocation risk, etc. Laboratory measurement of small toy parts have special instruments, and the average family can also have a simple solution: laboratory small parts tester hole diameter is 31.7 mm, parents can according to the size on the paper cut a round hole, small spherical parts just drill the holes, however, means that conform to the standard; Rather more spherical small parts, we can judge to the naked eye, v battery just basically in line with the scope of the size of the small parts of security, toy parts if greater than 5 batteries, must be safe. 
2 don't more than 22 centimeters, elastic rope 
Toys on the rope, elastic rope, in particular, do not accord with a standard is easy to cause children (especially children under 18 months) by bridle, and cause suffocation, standard regulations of the state: annotation under 18 months of children's toys, rope by applying Newton 25 after pulling force, the rope length should be less than 22 cm. Parents can see their own toys, if with a hang rope, can use medium strength tensile, hands will look at more than 22 cm. 
3 plastic film should be thicker than the supermarket plastic bags 
Plastic film could also lead to child suffocation risk, national standards for: film thickness must be greater than 0.038 mm. This number is too small, the parents can be a toy on the membrane compared with supermarkets provide plastic bags, if clear than thin plastic bags, there may be a security issue, best to stay away from children. 
The 3 c certification have a special website 
Plastic toys since 2005 included in the scope of national 3 c certification, all plastic toys must be obtained by through the certification and 3 c authentication certificate toy production enterprises.