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How to clean the plush toys?

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 How to Clean the Plush Toys?

Plush toys, not only the appearance is lovely, but also the touch feeling is soft and very comfortable. Both of them are one of the most favorite toys to children and young people. Even though the plush toys are cute, you have touched them for a long time, will become dirty. Therefore, for plush toys, cleaning is a big problem of many people. If you cannot clean them clearly, you can cause the damage of plush toys.

Our company, David’s Goods Company, as a professional plush toys maker, will give some suggestion of cleaning the plush toys to both of you.

1.Dry cleaning. First of all, you need to prepare the materials like salt, big plastic bag. The method is that put coarse salt and dirty plush toys together in a big plastic bag, and then tied the pocket forcibly shake, let a good contact with coarse salt and plush toys surface. You will find that the white grow dark, coarse salt and plush toys will be clean a lot.

2.Wash them. Also, you need to prepare the materials like detergent, water. The hand washing method is that small toys can direct manual cleaning with water. The detergent directly dissolved in the water, soft plush toys dirty parts. Touch or use the soft sponge, take washing water wipe the surface of parts after wipe clean with clear water to wipe it again.

3.Besides, you can use washing machine to wash them which is the most easily method to deal with them. After washing them, you need to shade to dry, and intermittent pat toy, make its fur, padding fluffy and soft.