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Evade glue toys origin and the present situation

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Since Germany was born in 1924 in the world's first evade glue (ROTOCAST) machine, and successfully made the first toy "chocolate rabbit" that day, evade glue unique shaping forces are bound to bring boundless vision for the world a new feeling. Accompanied by a series of representative works of fashionable and popular, evade glue added beautiful and colorful color for traditional entertainment industry. 
Evade glue doll category is various, from the earliest and the most popular Hong Kong street culture to now a variety of classification, evade glue has covered every corner of the entertainment. Because is found on the international famous designers to design, so a good evade glue doll can become a work of art. And, of course, no matter how, they are a popular toy brings infinite vitality. 
Due to evade glue toys suitable for batch production, so evade glue toys on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, filled with consumers' attention. Generally based on the price to win, is take the form of circulation of goods. Less to the brand aoperation in China, the more famous brands are cool baby lulu underwater world and paradise. Due to evade glue production process is simple, there are unqualified quality products on the market, when consumer is buying evade glue toys, should carefully identify, such as the smell of the product, there is no smell, good evade glue product and poor quality of the product may have a pungent smell. For everybody's health, suggest some brand is the best option to purchase.